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Payment of Conference & Joining Fees

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We want everyone to wishes join or attend events to be able to get involved, including those who cannot afford sterling fees. On the other hand, we need to encourage those who do have resources to contribute, as we currently have no external funding - joining fees are acknowledged within the system - once you join you will find out how this works. If you are contributing to an event, by giving a presentation, including entertainments, or helping to organise things beforehand or on the day, we may be able to regard this as payment in kind.

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Event Fees

Or for publications, currently £3 for the LETS Intro booklet or £13 for the LETS Infopack,
including UK P&P, you are very welcome to pay in cash at an event, make an online payment

to: LETSlink UK's account: sortcode 07-00-93, account no 0632/ 7080 69663
or: LETSlink London's account: sortcode 09-01-51, account no 0427 9400

- or send a cheque to:
LETSlink London - or - LETSlink UK (for groups outside London)
by post to: 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ. Telephone queries to 020-7607-7852

Many thanks for your support !