Please supply your full contact details. This scheme aims to cover all boroughs where a local scheme is not available, but dual membership is always an option. Members will be encouraged to arrange local meetings.

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By submitting this form I am making a request to join London-wide LETS, which is run under the auspices of LETSlink London.
I do not object to my membership and account details being held on a database, and I consent to these details (except for my street address) being made available online to other members. I understand that once I have access to my online account, I will be able to post my Offers and Wants and carry out transactions via the web-based system.
I have read and accept the Members Agreement - which may be amended by referendum or at a General Meeting of LETSlink London.
I understand that on the current rates, in addition to the joining fee in sterling - see below - 12 links will be deducted annually to cover the administrative expenses of running the scheme, but that I can off-set this by contributing what I can afford in sterling.
I am willing to help with the running of the scheme by doing administrative work, supporting enrolment and/or management of accounts for members near me who are not online, and helping to organise local events - please put details in message box.
I was referred to London-wide LETS by:

Please write in this box details of your own circumstances or information about your organisation, centre or project, previous experience with LETS and similar schemes, whether you will need help, or can give help to others in accessing the internet, and key Offers in relation to helping run the scheme.

• I would like to send a joining fee to LETSlink London, suggested amounts £100 (supporters) £25 organisations and businesses), £10 individuals, £5 concessions
by cash at a meeting - we will let you know venues as they come up
by PAYPAL - link to payment page

online to LETSlink London's account sortcode 090151, account no 04279400
by cheque to "LETSlink London" at the address below:

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Once submitted, you can go back on the browser, and print it out to accompany your cheque -
You can hand in your application at the introductory meeting/social or post it to the office:

LETSlink London, 12 Southcote Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5BJ.